Valentines Day

„What are you doing on February 14th?“ is a pretty standard question coming up to this date when you live in London. Incase you are a ’supporter‘ of Valentines Day and a hopeless romantic stop reading now cause I am about to burst your bubble. I must admit it, I hate Valentines day. And that’s not […]

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BUNT (my first cover)

I already told you about my photoshoot with Matthes Zimmermann in Cologne, a while ago (here’s the link to the post) but I haven’t told you about my VERY FIRST COVER !! So it all started with an idea. An idea of Ben Hammer, that he had in his mind and wanted to give away. He […]

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Alicia goes Cologne

A few weeks back I got a Instagram-message from Ben Hammer who told me that he had seen me in Kai-Hendrik Schroeder’s book, Candyland (which is -bye the way- already sold out!) and asked if I would be interested in coming to Cologne because he wanted to book me for a workshop. We did not […]

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3 things

Guess what guys, it’s monday again so here comes another monday update! 🙂 1. Blog News Last week I finally (!) managed to shoot a new outfit for the blog. There are currently more than one reason why I post less outfits than I wish I would. Not just is it always quite time consuming […]

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