door of the week -19-

-Nr. 19- Another cute door I found whilst wondering through Bayswater. Not just do I love that the matte black door is matching the houses drain pipe but I also love it’s timber plank look. The little coral coloured chairs and table with the tiny trees next to it make me wanna sit down and have […]

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door of the week -15-

-Nr. 15- My favourite door of this week is the lovely number fifteen. I found this door whilst strolling through Notting Hill after a lunch-date with a friend of mine the other day. It was a lovely sunny afternoon and I discovered this great little alley with plenty of beautiful doors (one more beautiful than […]

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door of the week

I found this pretty door a week ago in South Kensington when I was having a lingerie shoot and it was right next to the hotel I’ve stayed in and where the shoot was held. Everyone who knows the area knows exactly that it’s full of lovely doors, mostly very pompous entrances with pillars and […]

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3 things

Another week comes to an end and so is January. I can’t believe how quickly 2016 has started! This week has been very exciting in many positive ways and I can’t wait to tell you all about it. 1. My favourite moment This week I got flown out to London for a shoot (you can […]

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&Other Stories

& Other Stories counts to my (top 3 ) favourite stores since their opening in London in spring 2013. I feel love with their interior design straight away. Concrete floors, a loft-like character very spacious with high ceilings, marble almost everywhere you look, and a big white metal staircase, when can I move in please? Not just […]

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Alicia x Lara Al-Hadeedi

A while back (1,5 years ago) I modelled for Lara’s BA project. Lara did a cooperation with ‚The Shop at Bluebird‚ and we shot at their restaurant, in Kings Road London. Below their restaurant they have their shop and if you’re in London and haven’t been to the Bluebird yet it’s definitely worth a visit. […]

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