Sundays are for waffles

Sundays are for waffles or pancakes.. Yesterday (sunday) I met my friend Sarah (follow her delicious foodblog here) for breakfast and we decided to make some waffles. Making some regular waffles would be boring so we also created some grey and brown ones and added loads of different toppings. Find the recipe below! Ingredients:  (serves […]

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Finally a new outfit post! I was actually planning on shooting lot’s of lovely summer outfits with sandals, floaty maxi cardigans and dresses but the weather was definitely not playing along. So I postponed and postponed and kept changing the days I wanted to go out and shoot but at some point I said to […]

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Alicia goes Cologne

A few weeks back I got a Instagram-message from Ben Hammer who told me that he had seen me in Kai-Hendrik Schroeder’s book, Candyland (which is -bye the way- already sold out!) and asked if I would be interested in coming to Cologne because he wanted to book me for a workshop. We did not […]

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