door of the week #doorsbyalicia

There it is, my door of the week! Today my friend Sophie and I went for a walk through the neighbourhood, enjoyed the great weather (can’t believe that we’re having blue sky, sunshine and 12 degrees in December, thanks London!) and had lunch at Nandos later. Sophie just arrived last night from Berlin (and I […]

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Boxing Day Sales

After all the celebration, time with the family, lot’s of food and alcohol today is the perfect day to just lay in bed and to get over the food koma and my hungover. Whats the best thing to do on a day like this..? Online shopping! And not just because I do love ASOS and […]

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Xmas outfit

It’s this time of year again.. I must honestly say that I am not very in the christmas mood.. Don’t get my wrong, I am LOVING the fact that it’s sunny outside and I would love to always have 10+ degrees and no snow on christmas, but it just doesn’t feel like Xmas. Everyone that knows […]

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3 things

Last week has been quite busy (that’s why I didn’t ended up writing this blog post as planned on sunday). But here it is now, my very first ‚3 things post‚.    -1- I went shopping like mad this week. Not just did I buy quite a few christmas presents (if you haven’t found the […]

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The Edited flagship store opened in Hamburg about 2 month ago (at the end of October whilst I was shooting and having a casting in LDN). As I was busy traveling for modelling since then, I didn’t managed to stop by until now, as I am currently in my hometown, visiting my family and friends over […]

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About 2 weeks ago I wrote about my very first lingerie shoot that took place in a lovely modern hotel suite in Berlin. The photographer, BORKEBERLIN and I worked together for the very first time (read more about our collaboration here) and I already showed you a little preview of the result of our shooting. […]

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