3 things

Hey guys, I hope all of you had a nice easter break and enjoyed the time with your family and friends. Here’s my recap of last week. 1. My favourite photo While I spend my easter holidays in Hamburg with my family (well, almost all of my family as my sister wasn’t there because she […]

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door of the week -46-

My favourite door of this week is this simple black door which I especially like because of it’s surrounding lilac wall. The black metal fence also goes perfectly with it. I’ve found this beautiful door on Portobello Road in Notting Hill (probably London’s street with the most beautiful doors on). Have you noticed the cute […]

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dusty pink dress

Instead of writing a ‚3things post‘ like I would normally do on a monday, I am going to show you a new outfit that I’ve recently shot. My last week has been quite busy and I mostly had different meetings, so I thought sharing a new outfit with you would be much more exciting! In […]

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3 things

As you probably could tell it was very quiet on my blog last week. I was simply so busy that I did not find any time to write a blog post. I did shoot some new outfits for the blog though which will be online very soon.  I hope you guys forgive my absence and […]

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door of the week

-93- I found this lovely door in the street I live in in Hamburg. I still really love the fact that I am having two homes in two very different cities. I obviously LOVE my London home and could never ever move away from London but I also like the fact that I have a […]

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