3 things

Guess what guys, it’s monday again so here comes another monday update! 🙂

1. Blog News

Last week I finally (!) managed to shoot a new outfit for the blog. There are currently more than one reason why I post less outfits than I wish I would. Not just is it always quite time consuming to plan an outfit, find a location and a friend of who is able to shoot my outfit but what’s even more complicated at the moment (and can’t be planned ahead) is the weather. I have plenty of cute summer dresses, crop tops, sandals and floaty maxi cardigans that are just sitting in my closet waiting to be shot, but first of all it is really not warm enough to wear them and second of all do I find it super silly to shoot a summer outfit without sun. I might as well just start to shoot my autumn outfits already.. I hope that this disappointing weather is going to turn around soon and that we do get a little bit of lovely hot summer weather (not just for my outfit posts but especially for my mood). 


2. Favourite Food

As I am currently in my hometown, Hamburg I definitely had to stop by my favourite restaurant, Atelier F. On saturday I met up wit my friend Sarah and we went to Atelier F for lunch. I had a raspberry-lavender-vanilla lemonade, a caesar salad and (of cause) some sweet potato fries, yum! This was definitely my favourite lunch meal I had last week. 


3. Favourite ‚photo‘ 

I’ve known the app Boomerang since quite a while now and have seen it’s funny photos (moving images) all over Instagram and Facebook but I didn’t really came around to download it myself until recently. And now I can’t get enough of these GIFS / moving photos! Below you can see a screenshot of my photo, see the original (my moving Boomerang photo)  → here ←

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 20.56.43.png

I am wishing all of you a lovely monday evening and a great start into this new week!




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