Ribbed co-ord

I know, it has been very quiet on my blog the last couple of month. Partly because I was very busy with work and also because the weather has unfortunately not been very summer like. I’ve bought plenty of lovely new summer outfits which I am dying to show you, but there was just never good weather to shoot it. Since I’ve missed the only ‚heatwave‘ in London in June I was stuck with temperatures under 22 degrees and mostly no sun and I don’t see the point shooting and summer outfit that I can not actually wear at the time cause it’s too cold, if you get what I mean.

Everyone that knows me, knows that I often feel like those little cartoon figures that constantly have a rain cloud dangling over their head. As soon as I leave a city the weather turns good where I was before and shitty where I’m about to go. Which is exactly what happened they day when we shot this outfit. I spend time in Germany for the last 5 weeks, working and the day I flew back to London all of a sudden the sun came out and it turned out to be a lovely summer day. I thought this chance can’t be missed, called my friend Maria and we shot this outfit 2 hours before I boarded my plane back to London.  

I am so in love with this co-ord from &Other Stories, especially because I currently are deeply in love with everything that is ribbed. I just love the structure. I also really love co-ords (c0-0rds stands short for co-ordinates = a two piece set containing matching tops and bottoms pieces such as crop tops, skirts, shorts etc.).

This outfit can easily be worn casual during the day (like on my photos with some slip-on’s or other flat shoes) or you can style it up a little, dress in heels, add a little bit of bling and wear it on a night out. I also really like that it’s pretty figure hugging and shows my shape which is a nice change to wearing mostly loose tops and wider dresses in autumn/winter.

Back to the weather. Now that I am back home in London the weather has been pretty bad for the past 2 weeks and not summer like at all. Even though it’s August already! I am hoping that she sun will come out soon so that we all can finally enjoy summer and that I can show you guys all of my new lovely summer outfits (and swimwear) that I bought! Let’s all wish for some sunshine (fingers crossed)!



Photos by my love Maria Kotylevskaja. Check out here work on her website / Instagram and Facebook 

Buy my outfit below! → hurry up the top and skirt are currently on SALE!

Skirt & Top from &Other Stories
Shoes from Topshop, find similar ones here



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