NYE Outfits

So we’ve all just survived Christmas and there is NYE already lurking around the corner.. Instead of writing the typical ’new year new me‘ bullsh*t I am going to celebrate this great year and show you my favourite NYE outfits!  I personally had a great 2016. And yes I definitely thought that this year was […]

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Christmas Outfit

Since Christmas is right in front of the door (TOMORROW!) you’ll be probably asking yourself the question that always occurs on special occasions: WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? If you’re more prepared and organised you’ve probably have all your Xmas and NYE outfits sorted by now. But if you’ve been busy buying Christmas presents, baking plenty […]

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Christmas Cookies

Last weekend my friend Sarah and I planned to finally bake some cookies to get into the christmas-mood, despite Christmas being only 5 days away I still haven’t felt very festive yet. Every year I make christmas cookies as I enjoy baking and decorating them and it’s became quite a tradition. It started 6 years ago […]

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BUNT (my first cover)

I already told you about my photoshoot with Matthes Zimmermann in Cologne, a while ago (here’s the link to the post) but I haven’t told you about my VERY FIRST COVER !! So it all started with an idea. An idea of Ben Hammer, that he had in his mind and wanted to give away. He […]

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Faux Fur Coats x Pastel Doors

It’s getting much colder outside and since temperatures are dropping I’ve decided that it’s finally time to get myself my very first FUR JACKET, yay! I don’t really know why I haven’t bought myself one before, I guess it was just not really what I liked at the time. But now everywhere I go and […]

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