Alicia x Matthes Zimmermann

Over a a little more than a month ago I went to Cologne for some photos shoots and a little weekend gate away. Whilst I was there I was introduced to Matthes Zimmermann who I had the pleasure to shoot with later on my trip. Even though we only spend a short time together at Ben Hammer’s studio I must say that I am very happy with the results and think that we took some beautiful photos together.
See the full series below. Find his works on his website and Instagram. 


Did I mention that Matthes was/ or still is probably the only photographer who ever captured me laughing on photo? It’s not that I don’t laugh I am actually a very happy person, I just never do it on photos as I don’t like the way I look whilst doing it. So this is a very rare photo of me. 🙂


Have a happy day! 🙂




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