door of the week -15-

-Nr. 15- My favourite door of this week is the lovely number fifteen. I found this door whilst strolling through Notting Hill after a lunch-date with a friend of mine the other day. It was a lovely sunny afternoon and I discovered this great little alley with plenty of beautiful doors (one more beautiful than […]

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3 things

Here comes another weekly update, you might wonder why I m posting this on a Tuesday instead on the usual Monday but I must admit that I got a little confused with the days. Whilst meeting a friend for lunch today I asked her what she did yesterday on Sunday, when she looked at me […]

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The tides are in our veins

I just stumbled across a few photos from a shoot I did last year in Hamburg. I only now realised that I’ve never published them on my blog and that I didn’t even uploaded  all of them on Instagram (shame on me). I remember that we started shooting very early (to avoid shooting on an […]

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