Alicia goes Cologne

A few weeks back I got a Instagram-message from Ben Hammer who told me that he had seen me in Kai-Hendrik Schroeder’s book, Candyland (which is -bye the way- already sold out!) and asked if I would be interested in coming to Cologne because he wanted to book me for a workshop. We did not manage to do the workshop together but I went to Cologne anyway.. → for all my German readers read Ben’s article about my Cologne-weekend here

I obviously already know who Ben was before he wrote me and must admit that I was always to shy to write him and to ask if one day we could shoot together.. Everyone who knows Ben (from his blog or in person) knows that he is definitely not shy to speak his mind so I was slightly intimidated.

Before Cologne I went to Hamburg where summer was nowhere near to be found. So when arriving in Cologne where it was nearly 30 degrees and sunny I felt like being on a mini holiday. Keeping that holiday spirit up Ben and I mostly did fun stuff and actually only worked for a short amount of time (the result of our shoot will be on the blog soon).

I do like Cologne, it feels quite small cause you can nearly walk everywhere and it has this cosy and relaxed feeling. I couldn’t really quite work out what kind of ’style‘ people have who live in Cologne, as it has been very different in every part of the city we went to (not like London where you can with certainty say that most people just have a great and very unique style). One thing I can say is that Cologne has definitely a lot of great food places. We went to Frittenwerk which had been on my list since a while now. The concept of this restaurant is very simple, you get fries with different kind of toppings such as chilli-cheese-fries or pulled-pork-fries, yum!

In between eating and drinking a lot of beer Ben showed me around the city and we had some lovely evening watching the sunsets next to the Rhein and I met some of his lovely friends. And I finally met Miri -in person- who I had known via Instagram since roughly 3 years but we never met before. With her we had some great Moscow Mule’s at Die Wohngemeinschaft and lot’s of other drinks at places their names I don’t remember.. and after all those drinks we also had the idea with Ben’s neon sign.. (see the gif here)

All together I had a fun trip and a great time with Ben. Thanks to Miri, Matthes, Alex, Markus, Sabrina (and everyone else I forgot about) for making new memories.

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