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Starting my weekly review by saying that I had a very busy, productive and fun week last week. My weekend also included seeing friends, eating the most delicious cake and spending time with my family at a birthday party. Find out what else I’ve been up to below. I hope you all had a great week too and that you enjoyed our bank holiday weekend?

1. Favourite place

My favourite spot where I’ve been last week was the beach. Now you probably wonder where I was, as I am not currently on vacation (even if I wish I was). As I’m currently in Hamburg I went to the ‚Elbstrand‘ (the beach that belongs to Hamburg) for a photo shoot. I just love being at the beach, listening to the waves, enjoying the sun on my skin and the sand under my feet. I definitely have to go back soon! It always makes me forget about the busy city and I feel totally relaxed after getting back home from the beach. It’s like a mini holiday for the soul.


2. Favourite moment

My favourite moment last week was most definitely when I held CANDYLAND in my hands for the first time. Candyland is a book by talented photographer Kai-Hendrik Schroeder. We both had a shoot together a few weeks ago and I was lucky to be part of his book project. Looking at yourself printed in a book and being able to touch the paper is such a different feeling than looking a photos digital. His book includes a lot of photos of many beautiful women and if you want to see more unreleased images of me you should definitely get yourself a copy!

Get Candyland here: Shop

Find Kai’s beautiful photos here: Facebook / Website / Instagram

KHS book check pattern copy


3. Interior pick of the week

Whilst browsing through Instagram I found this beautiful picture. How amazing is the construction of the mirror, cupboard and clothes rail? I also love it’s golden features and the matching golden lamp. There are so many things I still want to get for my flat and constantly keep looking at interior blogs for inspiration. I found this image on Stylizimoblog on Instagram. Take a look at her blog to find more inspiration and to shop some beautiful interior pieces.

                           Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 12.25.26.png



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