door of the week -19-

-Nr. 19- Another cute door I found whilst wondering through Bayswater. Not just do I love that the matte black door is matching the houses drain pipe but I also love it’s timber plank look. The little coral coloured chairs and table with the tiny trees next to it make me wanna sit down and have […]

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door of the week -15-

-Nr. 15- My favourite door of this week is the lovely number fifteen. I found this door whilst strolling through Notting Hill after a lunch-date with a friend of mine the other day. It was a lovely sunny afternoon and I discovered this great little alley with plenty of beautiful doors (one more beautiful than […]

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door of the week -38-

-Nr. 38- I found this lovely white wooden door in my hometown, Hamburg near the beach when I had a photoshoot there the other day. This door makes me feel like I’m on holiday somewhere on the countryside. I really like the mixture between the old used wood, glas and different bricks. And how cute […]

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door of the week -4-

-Nr. 4- Whilst enjoying this lovely spring weather I found this cute little door near my home in Hamburg. The colour of the door really matched the vibe that I was feeling through out this very sunny day! Are you guys super excited about spring too? I just love waking up by the birds singing, […]

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door of the week -46-

My favourite door of this week is this simple black door which I especially like because of it’s surrounding lilac wall. The black metal fence also goes perfectly with it. I’ve found this beautiful door on Portobello Road in Notting Hill (probably London’s street with the most beautiful doors on). Have you noticed the cute […]

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door of the week

-93- I found this lovely door in the street I live in in Hamburg. I still really love the fact that I am having two homes in two very different cities. I obviously LOVE my London home and could never ever move away from London but I also like the fact that I have a […]

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