Layers (winter outift)

Since winter is still very grey and we’ve just recently had some lovely days that felt like spring might come through soon I am still wearing all my favourite knitwear pieces. I love chunky sweaters, long knitted dresses and all different kind of winter coats. My newest favourite way to wear things is layering (something I always like doing in late fall just before winter and also at the end of winter just before spring). It’s perfect for those slightly cold days where the sun actually might still come out or the temperatures might rise during the day. This way you’ll still have the chance to take off a piece of clothing incase it might actually get warmer. 

I’ve also newly discovered my love to something I always wanted to wear but never knew how to combine it: overknees. I have always admired how Beyonce styled them looking so glamourous and cool in her music videos. But in reality overknees usually looked pretty cheap and I’ve never seen anyone combining them so that they actually looked wearable outside of music videos. When I started buying all my winter boots I came across some overknees and finally got this pair! After briefly looking though my wardrobe I’ve already had some ideas in mind how to combine them without making them look trashy. I porpusley wanted to get some flat over knees for myself first since I thought that flat boots might actually be more practical incase it does start to snow again.. 

End of story I am madly in love with overknees! They keep my legs warm and are also a great addition to all of my favourite layer looks. My next pair is definitely going to be a high heeled version, probably in suede again. What do you think of my look? Do you like overknees or do you find them slightly cheap looking? I would love to hear you opinions! 

Love, Alicia

Photos by wonderful Maria Kotylevskaya (website / Instagram / Faceook) ♥

P.S. Shop my look here:

Coat from Neon Rose

Overknee boots from Daisy Street

Bow-Jumpe from ASOS

Ribbed Dress from ASOS

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