BUNT (my first cover)

I already told you about my photoshoot with Matthes Zimmermann in Cologne, a while ago (here’s the link to the post) but I haven’t told you about my VERY FIRST COVER !!

So it all started with an idea. An idea of Ben Hammerthat he had in his mind and wanted to give away. He already had the concept as well. A magazine, featuring only or especially black and white analogue photography. But not just any magazine, he had the amazing idea getting it all printed exactly like a newspaper. Same size (so pretty big compared to all the other magazines) and printed on newsprint paper. He put all of his ideas of this project in a blogpost and sent it out in the big wide world of the internet..

A few weeks (and a lot of hours and hard work) later BUNT was born! Graphic designer and photographer Matthes Zimmermann and black & white photographer Andreas Jorns liked Ben’s idea and concept and made it their own. They’ve changed some details, put a lot of late night hours into it and created a beautiful black and white newspaper-styled magazine.

As Matthes and I just had our shoot before BUNT was created and we also shot an analogue set he told me the great news that I would be in the magazine. I was quite excited to be part of such a good idea and even more excited as I had never seen our analogue photos before (Matthes had them developed at this time but not scanned in yet so I had no clue if I would like them or not). Long story short, a day before BUNT was finally sent out to all the people who’ve ordered it Matthes sent me a photo of the finished magazine. And there it was ME. ON THE COVER (!!!) AND THE BACKCOVER. AND 5 PAGES IN THE MAGAZINE! I was more than happy and it was amazing to hold the finished version in my hands a day later. I absolutely love every single photo and I’m even more happy with them considering the fact we shot the analogue set in 5 minutes while it was 30 degrees outside (and probably 45 minutes in Ben’s studio) both wearing all black.. Find all photos that ended up in BUNT below plus two unreleased photos that did not make it into the magazine.

What do you think of the set? You can buy BUNT here: bunt.gallery 

If you like to read more about Ben Hammer’s idea and his updates about BUNT you just have to click here: update1 & update2 oh and also make sure to follow Ben’s new project about his very first book (!) here ←

love, Alicia







Do you have a favourite? My all-time favourite image is the very last photo. It might sound vain but it do really love it. ♥





bunt3 bunt1bunt7





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