Barcelona Travel diary pt. 2

Since it’s crazy cold, grey and very unpleasant outside I felt the need to look back at our holiday pictures and to sit down and finally write my second part of our travel dairy!

About a month ago we went to Barcelona, Spain where we saw many cute little towns and beautiful places while we stayed in CANYELLES, CALIFORNIA (near BCN).

One of my favourite days (which happened to be my birthday as well) was when we shoot some of my outfits for my blog (and for the ASOS Asseenonme competition). The place where the shoot took place was called Les Roquetes. The way to the  location was already stunning. We had to go trough a private residential area which was called ‚Career Blaumar‘ and had the most stunning houses! Not just did I fell in love with the architecture straight away (every house was white, very urban with geometric shapes) but also did those houses have the most amazing view being placed right next to the forest and overlooking the ocean. If I ever have loads of money I’m going to buy a house there! 

carrer blaumar 3carrer blaumar 2carrer blaumar 1carrer blaumar 4

After we parked our car (trying to find a parking spot in the shade seems impossible in Spain) and all the outfits, my hair & make up was sorted we had to take a little hike through the woods (which was gorgeous, I love all the nature and different plants in Spain and I am obsessed with cactuses!). Following the woodland we had to cross a railway track (which was probably not very legal but who cares) and arrived at the location where we wanted to shoot. I was immediately stunned by the view! Looking back at behind the scenes footage (yes there will be short films soon too) now it was probably a little dangerous to shoot this close to the edge of the cliffs but definitely worth it looking at the finished images now! Plus a little thrill never hurt anyone, right?


After such a busy day I did really forget that it was my birthday and only realised when we came home to our cottage and David told me to get ready for dinner! We went to Sitges  and had dinner right at the marina which is beautiful at night. If you’re ever in Barcelona or near by you should definitely go to Sitgesthe nightlife there is amazing! There are so many beautiful (and tasty!) restaurants at the promenade and many people go out clubbing there. The vibe is just very relaxed and fun. When we were there, there happened to be a little wine festival with an outdoor cinema directly on the beach, can things get any better?

All the restaurants there are known for their seafood but you can find various kinds of restaurants. We had Thai food and I probably had the best churros in my life. I currently can’t remember what our restaurant was called but as soon as I do I will link it here. We did go to some other restaurants whilst our stay and they were all brilliant! If you’re ever in Sitges just make sure you walk along here and you’ll definitely find a good bar / cafe / restaurant.

To be continued..

Photos: David Libertee [photos of the houses and photo of David by me] 

Clothes: ASOS

Sunglasses: For Arts Sake

Haircolour & cut: by Vidal Sassoon (styling by me)


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