Christmas Outfit

Since Christmas is right in front of the door (TOMORROW!) you’ll be probably asking yourself the question that always occurs on special occasions: WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? If you’re more prepared and organised you’ve probably have all your Xmas and NYE outfits sorted by now. But if you’ve been busy buying Christmas presents, baking plenty of cookies and doing a million other things (in my case shooting a lot and overcoming a cold) then you can probably need some of my ideas! 

I have this ‚tradition‘ of never ever wearing the same outfit on my birthday, for Christmas and New Years twice. So like every year I had to ask myself, what would I like to wear? Since it should be festive I knew it wouldn’t be jeans and a sweater but there were so many options this year: overalls, playsuits, blouses, skirts, dresses, plisse trousers and so on.. 

In November I went on a big shopping spree and spend quite some time in my usual favourite shops (yes my favourite place on earth must be Oxford Circus, I admit it). I’ve went through & Other Stories, Topshop, Urban Outfitters and COS and saw two ‚trends‘ EVERYWHERE. I am pretty aware that every year for the Christmas season all the shops feature glitter, gold, silver, sequins and velvet (mostly dark red and dark green) but this year it was velvet and plisse everywhere! And I meant really everywhere!! 

I was never a fan of velvet until about 4 weeks ago, when I wore a golden velvet skirt at a photoshoot and I instantly fell in love with it (funny how taste changed huh?). I already knew, I definitely needed a Christmas outfit featuring some velvet.

As you’ll know I am usually not a fan of colour but funny enough every year when it comes to the festive time I do start liking dark red (burgundy is probably my fav. shade). So after looking around online I’ve found the perfect Christmas outfit for myself, a dark red velvet playsuit! I’ve combined it with some black pom pom heels (always wanted a pair of those!) and only a very simple pair of earrings. I thing the deep cleavage stands for itself so this outfit definitely doesn’t need anymore jewellery. I can only recommend playsuits or jumpsuits as a your choice for a Christmas outfit because they’re just so comfy! I wore this outfit on the photos without a bra, and will wear it like this for Xmas. The fabric is thick enough so that nothing is visible through it. Incase you don’t feel brave enough to wear it like this, you should definitely get a stick on bra or some covers.

 I always celebrate Christmas on several days (next to my family I am also celebrating with some very close friends this year) which means one outfit is definitely not enough. For my second outfit I really wanted a long sleeve dress and found this simple and classy black lace dress. The lace sleeves and choker neck tie are already detailed enough so that I’m only wearing some very simple earrings and a big statement ring with it. I also wanted some special heels for this dress and I found those gorgeous pointed hight heels with a clear heel. Aren’t they pretty? 

My most important tips when it comes to choosing a Christmas Outfit are:

1. Get something comfy! When it comes to sitting on a dinner table and eating a lot of food you definitely don’t want to be squeezed into a super tight skirt or dress which is about to burst cause you were enjoying your Christmas dinner! Also if you’re Christmas celebration involves dancing you want to make sure you’re able to have some fun and not wear something too short or too long.

2. Get something dark! We all know next to giving and spending times with our loved ones Christmas is all about FOOD. So whilst having a great time and some delicious food you definitely don’t want to wear your best white blouse or some pastel colours incase something might splash. And you definitely don’t want to spend the entire evening worrying about a stain or even not be able to remove it from your favourite top afterwards. 

3. Wear something you feel good in! It’s just not worth trying to squeeze into a super tight dress/ skirt and then worrying the entire evening if your belly looks too big from all the food. Or wearing something super flashy such as sequins or metallic colour when you’re normally not the type for it. Make sure you feel good and not stress out about being too overdress or underdressed. It’s definitely not worth worrying when you could have a wonderful time with your loved ones!

Find all my favourite Christmas clothing and accessorise linked below. And make sure to scroll all the way down to see where my Christmas outfits are from. 😉 I am wishing all of you (and your families and friends) a merry Christmas and some wonderful days with your loved ones! Love, Alicia


 •shoes •dress  •playsuit  •body  •blouse  •playsuit •dress •bag •dress 


 •dress  •dress  •dress  •dress  •dress  •dress 

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Dress from Fashion Union get it here / Shoes from ASOS / Ring & Other Stories (sold out) get a rose gold statement ring here or here  / Lipstick Chanel Rouge Coco – Etienne

dsc06872dsc06930-1dsc07090-1DSC07098 (1) ohne haare.jpgdsc06887-1dsc06877-1dsc07002-1dsc06988-1shoppeddsc07127-1-new-2

Playsuit by ASOS / Shoes by Public Desire, which is definitely THE place for the best heels (they’re currently sold out on their website but you can still get them at ASOS) find them here / Lipstick Chanel Rouge Coco – Mademoiselle

Location: Froindlichst (make sure you check out their amazing food and drinks, yum!)
Photography: Andreas Franzelin

Happy holidays!


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