3 things

Last week has been quite busy (that’s why I didn’t ended up writing this blog post as planned on sunday). But here it is now, my very first 3 things post



I went shopping like mad this week. Not just did I buy quite a few christmas presents (if you haven’t found the perfect present for her yet and you still need some inspiration read my gift guide here) but also did I buy myself some xmas and NYE outfits and I finally bought everything I needed for the christmas dinner, that I am hosting this year.

At & Other Stories I bough myself a simple but yet very classy top that I will wear on one of the xmas occasions this year. I also bought some matching jewellery (a neckless and a bracket) and my favourite body mist, called Punk Bouquet (I already have the hand lotion with that scent which is in my opinion the best hand lotion ever). A outfit post featuring my new things will follow soon.. 


At ASOS I bought myself a new NYE dress (and some cute lingerie) which -I think- will look quite spectacular! Last year I celebrated in Berlin and did not dress up very much (well it’s Berlin, no one ever ‚dresses up‘ there anyway) plus it unfortunately snowed on NYE, so I decided to wear some jeans with a cute top. For London standards I looked pretty ‚casual‘ and would have loved to dress up much more, but the circumstances did not really allow it (I celebrated at a house party with some friends, so nothing too fancy). But this year is going to be all different, as I am back in London after xmas, so I though I should go ‚big‘ this year and just ordered myself an amazing dress, which finally arrived today! Photos of my NYE outfit will be online soon..


 As just mentioned above, I went shopping like a mad shoppaholic this week which brings me to my second thing, I found ‚the perfect table‘. I was thinking about how to decorate our dinner table since I knew that I would be hosting our main christmas dinner this year. I searched the entire web for inspiration and looked in every interior shop and finally found a table that I really loved and wanted to ‚copy‘ for our dinner. I am not going to have it exactly like one the photo, as I want to make it more ‚my own‘ but I think this table is already pretty perfect. I bough everything new, which took me 1 trip to IKEA, one two ZARA HOME, a bit of online shopping and another trip  to a florist. I’m quite happy with everything I bought and I’m sure that my dinner table will look just like I pictured it in my head. Thank god, that I am just making the dessert this year and that I don’t have to worry bout the food (my dad will take charge of the cooking this year)!



had a lovely (and busy) weekend spending it with my visitors from Berlin! My girls Sophie and Vivi came all the way to Hamburg to visit me whilst I’m here (over xmas). On sunday my friend Christine also came by and we had a real ‚girls day‘ making cookies and pralines and just enjoyed each others company and good conversations by candle light and tee! Such a cosy and lovely day!


I hope all of you had a lovely weekend too and I’m wishing you all a good start into this new week!




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