gift guide – for her

Since Christmas is not very far away anymore I thought I’ll write you a little gift guide. I know there are quite a few of my friends who hate looking for gifts and find it very difficult to get the right present for someone. I for myself LOVE buying gifts as I seem to be pretty good in figuring out what others want. I also do really enjoy to see family or friends unwrapping presents and genuinely being happy about what they received. I actually do like this feeling even more than getting a present myself.

So here’s my litte gift guide, starting of with presents for HER, for everyone who’s still clueless about what to buy for christmas this year.


Presents for your best friend, sister, mum, girlfriend etc.

Chanel lipstick – I personally mostly just wear Chanel lipsticks. I just love the texture, colour and that they stay on forever. The smell of them also reminds me of my mum, as she ONLY wears Chanel lipstick since I can remember. Shop my favourite colour here.

Phone cases – get the most beautiful phone cases (I’m in love with all their marble ones) here.

Thermal coffee mug – Great for cold temperatures and perfect for all the COFFEE ADDICTS out there. Shop my favourite mug here.image1xxl

Watch – This pretty rose gold watch from NIXON via Urban Outfitters.5769440965008_065_b

Beanie – Perfect for winter, this rose / bush beanie, which is actually one of my FAVOURITE colours right now. Find it here.5752229599210_065_b

Cardigan – Another piece of clothing, perfect for the current weather (and colder degrees) this pretty fluffy cardigan from Pins & Needles via UO.5114439789989_011_b

Book – for all the fashion lovers, ‚How to be Parisian‘ via Urban Outfitters. Find it here (such a good read!)

Jewellery box – you’ll never loose any of your favourite jewellery with this cute jewellery box. Get it here

Candle holder – for all the rose gold addicts -like me- via Bloomingville (I could buy or give away everything from them as it’s one of my favourite online shops). Shop it here

Frame – like this one or any other one from ZARA HOME. I mean, which mum doesn’t love family photos for christmas? Buy it here.

There will be another gift guide on my blog soon with ideas what to buy for him. To be continued..



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