Boxing Day Sales

After all the celebration, time with the family, lot’s of food and alcohol today is the perfect day to just lay in bed and to get over the food koma and my hungover. Whats the best thing to do on a day like this..? Online shopping! And not just because I do love ASOS and Co. so much, but my main reason (do we really even need a ‚reason‘ for online shopping? Let’s be honest, we do it no matter if we have a ‚real‘ reason or not and come up with a ‚fake‘ one, like ‚for the holidays‘,  even though we have 20 bikinis already, just to have an ‚excuse‘ to shop even more) for online shopping today is that the BOXING DAY SALES have begun. Boxing day is a holiday celebrated in the UK, America, Australia and Canada traditionally on the Saturday following Christmas. So as the Boxing Day Sales have begun yesterday I want to list you my favourite shops that are participating in the SALES madness:

Topshop (up to 50% on selected lines)

ASOS (up to 50% on dresses, tops, shoes, lingerie, jackets and coats etc.)

Urban Outfitters (up to 50% on ‚her‘, ‚him‘ and ‚home‘)

American Apparel (30% on the 28.12 with the code BXDAY)

Below you can see all of my favourite items!

for my blog

1. Ribbed highneck crop top from TOPSHOP (I just love everything with a high neck lately no matter if it’s a dress, crop top or sweater!)

2. Heeled sandals from New Look via ASOS (perfect for NYE)

3. Lace top & shorts set from Bluebella Juliana via ASOS (such cute PJ’s!)

4. Black suede backpack from URBAN OUTFITTERS (I just love all kind of backpacks)

5. Fringed cardigan from ASOS (MY FAVOURITE piece out of all!)

6. Cropped sweater from AMERICAN APPAREL (nude love!)

7. ‚How to be Parisian‘ book from URBAN OUTFITTERS (if you haven’t read it by now, you definitely should!)

I hope all of you had a lovely Christmas and a great time with your family and friends.

Happy shopping!



[images via Urban Outfitters, Asos, Topshop & American Apparel]



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