introducing: ‚3 things‘

Hey lovelies,

I want to introduce a new category to my blog. Since I am very busy with work, decorating my new flat, traveling and seeing friends I obviously don’t have time to write on my blog everyday (even thought I would love to).

So I thought why not introduce a new category that sums up what I’ve done through out the week. I’m going to call this category ‚3 things‘. Basically I will write a blog post a week for this category and summarise 3 things from my week that have been important to me (could be a photo that I’ve taken, some new things that I bought, I shooting that I had, a piece of art that I’ve discovered etc.).

I hope you’ll like this category which gives me a better way to show you what I’ve been up to and to give you a better insight in my life and weekly routine.

love, A.




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