door of the week #doorsbyalicia

These are my doors of the week! Two black doors, I found wandering the streets with one of my friends when it was still nice and warm enough to just have a stroll around in North London (Highgate). It was a lovely day in june, just before my final hand-in for uni and my fashion show and I had to get out to just clear my head. My friend and I first went to Le Pain Quotidien to have lunch. If you’ve never been there before you should really go and try their avocado bread, it’s so yummy! Afterwards we went for a little stroll through the area (that’s when I discovered these two beautiful doors) and then for a walk through Highgate Woods (for everyone who does not live in London, it’s not very typical to get a lot of green or nature in the city so every time I needed to clear my head and think about my project I grabbed my friend and we tried to find some nature, like for example Hampsted Heath, to escape the city and to get some fresh ideas and inspiration)..



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