Xmas outfit

It’s this time of year again.. I must honestly say that I am not very in the christmas mood.. Don’t get my wrong, I am LOVING the fact that it’s sunny outside and I would love to always have 10+ degrees and no snow on christmas, but it just doesn’t feel like Xmas.

Everyone that knows me, knows exactly how much I hate snow.. And I am not a huge fan of this season either, call me the Grinch but there are just so many things I don’t like about christmas.

Things I hate about xmas:

-running around in crazy busy shopping centres looking for presents

-snow (and cold)

-christmas music

-people being over-friendly

-people being way too stressed out about xmas

-that it’s dark outside for almost the entire day

-way too much food

-wrapping presents (I am miserable in wrapping presents!)

-way too much alcohol

-that everything (clothing, wrapping paper, decorations etc.) is in bright red or dark green

There are a very few things that I do like about Christmas:

-family time

-sparkling/ glittery jumpers & dresses

-fairy lights and candles (I am having them in my apartment the entire time no matter what season it is, but for xmas everything is even more sparkling)

-making cookies (I rarely eat them myself though. It became a little christmas tradition that I am always baking cookies and make pralines for all of my friends and family, every year. I even once send them via mail to everyone, all the way from London)

Are you a fan of Christmas? Or are you a little Grinch too and don’t really like the festive times?

Here’s my christmas outfit, that I wore on the Christmas Eve. Find all the outfits details below!

IMG_0511-EditUntitled-1IMG_0516-Edit copy2IMG_0526-EditIMG_0530-Edit copy


IMG_0519-Edit copyIMG_0660-EditIMG_0664-Edit

Jumper: Topshop Boutique / Jeans: Topshop / Shoes: Topshop / Ring: Urban Outfitters / Nailpolish: &Other Stories 

I am wishing all of you a merry Christmas and a lovely time with your family and friends!




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