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& Other Stories counts to my (top 3 ) favourite stores since their opening in London in spring 2013.

I feel love with their interior design straight away. Concrete floors, a loft-like character very spacious with high ceilings, marble almost everywhere you look, and a big white metal staircase, when can I move in please? Not just did I fall in love with their overall interior design but I really like how they curate their store. Everything just perfectly fits together.


When I was back in uni and worked on my final BA project we had to write a market research report about how our brand would look like, what costumers we imagine to have and (if we had a store) how it would look like. &Other Stories played a huge inspiration for how my store would have looked like.



I do really like the fact that &Other Stories not only sells clothes, jewellery, accessories and shoes but they have a very well made beauty line as well. Nowadays were quite used to go into a high street store and get more than just clothes (for example Topshop has quite a big range of sweets) and there plenty of stores where you can get some nail varnish etc. too but none of them could really be compared to big make up brand such as MAC or smiler brands. &Other Stories beauty range does not just come in a very pretty packing (the bottles and pots are mostly white with clean black writing and a black lid) but they’ve also have a variety of different scents.


With every scent there are always a variety of different products that come with it. In total there are currently 12 smells:

-Fleur de Mimosa

-Lemon Daydream

-Steel Grarden

-Frozen Verbena

-Botanic Whisper

-Moroccan Tea

-Punk Bouquet

-Arabesque Wood

-Bonbon Tree

-Floral Memento

-Fig Fiction

-Sirocco Sands

Each smell has a different colour on the packaging which makes it easy to recognise. For each smell there are 8 different products:

-Body Lotion

-Body Scrub

Body Souffle

Body Oil

Body Mist

-Hand Soap

-Hand Lotion

-Hand Cream

&Other stories also offers other products such as lip balls, nail polish, make up (lipsticks, eye shadows, foundation etc.), brushes and so on. As you can imagine their make-up range is quite big and as important as their jewellery and clothes range.

& I tried quite a few hand creams in my life and was never really happy with the ones I’ve had. Either the smell was too strong or they left and oily film on my skin. When I finally bought a hand cream at and other stories a few years back I’ve found the one! My favourite scent is Punk Bouquet I just love the smell and more important it absorbs immediately.

There was no question for me that I had to buy more than just the hand cream. My little ‚collection‘ now counts the hand cream, hand lotion, hand soap and the body mist and I’m pretty sure that I’ll continue to add to it.



Besides their lotions and scents I am really a big fan of their nail polishes. Not just do they have a variety of great colours but also I think they are more long living than other nail polishes and they’re easy to take off (every girl who every had to try to remove a glitter nail polish knows what I’m talking about)! My first nail polish I bought at &Other Stories was a rose-gold-glitter tone which is until today my favourite nail polish, it’s called Damask Rose.


Despite them having a great beauty line I do really love their clothes and especially their jewellery too. I almost exclusively buy my jewellery there, especially because they do have a lot of rose gold and marble pieces. I do like that their jewellery pieces are very delicate and small as I am not a fan of huge, heavy or colourful jewellery. I like it simple.

Which brings me to their clothes. Like COS, & Other Stories is owned by H&M but designed and produced independently, aimed at a more fashion savvy shopper. Over 35 designers based in Paris and Stockholm, including many from style brands such as Acne (!) and Sonia Rykiel, have worked on & Other Stories’ soft, clean and tailored looks. I do love that their cuts and fits are rather simple but the statements lays in the fabrics (including a variety of my favourite fabrics such as crepe, chiffon and silk) and prints.


One more fact I really like about &Other Stories is that they choose to not have the ‚usual‘ models. They have very unique women such as ‚older models‘, models with freckles or bold women. This is something which is still not very common in the fashion industry, so I do like that &Other Stories celebrates the beauty of all different kind of women. Last but not least I am in LOVE with their website. I do like the clean look of it and always imagined my blog to look like it. So as soon as I find some time (and a good web designer) you can get ready for some changes and already imagine how my blog will look like in the future!



Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 12.53.28

Credits: all images have been take by me -over the last year- (at &Other Stories Regents street, London) except the last one, that’s &Other Stories current website.


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