3 things

It’s 2016, a new year. A fresh start for most of the people to forget about everything that went wrong in the old year. My 3 things post today will be a little bit of looking back into the old year and about how I started 2016.


2015 was actually not a bad year for me, I decided to not make a post about thinking back of how 2015 went and telling everyone about all my personal ups and downs, but I want to share my favourite or most important moment of 2015 with you. For me this was my graduation. As most of you already know, I studied fashion design (womenswear) in London. The study was everything but fun. It was hard work, lots of sleepless nights, frustration, spending almost all of my money on fabrics and I’ve never cried as much in my life, as I did in these three years. But obviously there were a lot of positive things about the time while I was studying too. I met AMAZING people which became not just class-mates but very good friends. I learned how to deal with a lot of stress and pressure and managed one thing: to not give up! My study was a big challenge especially emotionally and financially but I can proudly say that I did it! My graduation was held outside of Edinburgh (where the main University is, as I’ve just studied on the London campus). The trip to Edinburgh was lovely as I’ve never been there before and really liked the nature there. The probably most important thing to me -of my graduation- was that both of my parents (which have been divorced since quite a while) came. To many this sounds like a normal thing, but for us you could say it was a milestone. My sister and the partner of my mum came too, unfortunately the partner of my dad couldn’t make it. We all had a great time and my graduation day was probably one of the best days in my life (and definitely the most important in 2015).


I spend the entire last week with my friend Sophie who came from Berlin to visit me in London over New Years Eve. We had such a great week and did a lot of fun things. Mostly we probably went out for dinner & lunch all the time and enjoyed a lot of good food. We went to Pizza Express, Joe & the Juice, Nandos and The Wild Food Cafe. We also watched some great documentaries (you must definitely watch ‚Blackfish‘ if you haven’t seen it yet!) and just had a lot of good times. Soph left yesterday and I already miss spending time with her. One more reason for me, to plan a new trip and to give Berlin another visit soon!  Has anyone of you made any new years resolutions? I don’t really believe in new years resolutions, I just want to travel as much as I can (which luckily I will because of my job) and hopefully see some places I’ve never seen before! I hope all of you had a lovely NYE and a great start into this new year!  Here some photos of Soph and me that we took before going out.

12402080_10206095682331331_5344813478041174110_oIMG_2610nye 2newnye



My favourite photo I took last week was of Liberty (for everyone who does not know Liberty, it’s a department store on Regents street which has a lovely interior design, great architecture and sales high-end fashion and accessorise). Since the SALE is still on and there have been crazy offers, I could’t resist and had to do a little shopping. I already did some Boxing Day shopping online after christmas and received two parcels from ASOS (that’s where my NYE dress & shoes where from) but I also thought I should at least have one quick look at Oxford Street/ Regents street. Last week I went to Liberty, Topshop & Urban Outfitters and I will go back to Liberty again today and have another quick look through &Other Stories. But then I’ll stop, really. I swear.


I am wishing you all a lovely week and a great start into 2015.




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