door of the week #doorsbyalicia

IMG_2783 copy

My door of the week is this lovely door which still has some pretty christmas decoration on it. I love the fact that the british people (and generally people who live in London) do care a lot about how their door, front yards and entrances look like. It is as if their front door gives you a little insight of the personality, of the people who live behind it. For example are most of the doors in ‚posh‘ areas such as Kensington, Notting Hill or most of North London decorated for Christmas. People decorate them for other occasions such as Halloween as well. And I just love the fact how much effort they put in it. When I walked through the area I live in (in North London) at Halloween, I was stunned how many people had put up spider webs, fake spiders, pumpkins and other deceptions. And it’s not only their doors and how they decorate them on special occasions, people do really care about the ‚first impression‘ they make on their visitors. In my old street, in Finsbury Park people would trim their hedges (one neighbour trimmed theirs as a pineapple, anthers looked like a fish), they would keep their lawns free of any leaves or rubbish, have beautiful flows in their front yard and cute door knockers and knobs. When I first moved to Finsbury Park I fell in love with the doors in my street/ area straight away and started my own hashtags on Instagram, called #doorsofmystreet and #doorsbyalicia. Since this day I kinda became a little obsessed with taking photos of doors and I never really get tired of it. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.





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