3 things

Another week comes to an end and so is January. I can’t believe how quickly 2016 has started! This week has been very exciting in many positive ways and I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

1. My favourite moment

This week I got flown out to London for a shoot (you can read more about my shoot and my stay in my next post). Between shooting and meetings there was not even time for me to catch up with friends but I did have the time to see my favourite band play live (for the first time). I went to the o2 Forum at Kentish Town which is a very cute, small and intimate venue and couldn’t have been better for Daughter. I enjoyed their mix between older songs, from their album ‚If You Leave‚  (which I must say I do like their older songs better, but I still very much like the new ones too) and songs from their new album ‚Not To Disappear‚. I don’t want to spoil too much, as I know that many of my friends are going to see Daughter when they come to Germany this week. My favourite moment was when Daughter played my favourite song (and it’s not just my fav. song of them, it’s my ALL TIME FAV SONG), ‚Youth‚. You could really tell the tension in the audience and that everyone had kinda waited for this song to start and it was just beautiful to hear them play my favourite song live. I did record a few videos of the concert for snapchat, if you haven’t added me on snapchat yet my name is alicia_london and you’ll be able to follow me around my daily life there. Hear my favourite song below.

2. My favourite photo of the week


My fav. photo of the week is this one I took of my hotel. I always loved matt black building as you very rarely find them (even in London) and I just really like the colour. Blakes London is not just matt black but also has some great architecture (and interior). MORE ABOUT MY STAY AT BLAKES SOON ..


3. My favourite food of the week

I’ve been working out (every day) and eating very clean for the last week since I knew that my shoot in London was going to be a lingerie shoot. So after shooting what I REALLY wanted to do was to have breakfast at The Breakfast Club not just is this one of my favourite breakfast locations in London, but also have I been dreaming of their famous pancake stacks since a while. People ALWAYS underestimate me when it comes to eating. I might not look like it, but I can eat A LOT. This time I had an avocado bread with poached egg, an earl grey tea and a pancake stack with berries, cream and maple syrup, yum! Funny enough the photographer (who is almost 2 meters tall) couldn’t finish his pancake stack and I managed to finish all of my meals (yes I am a little food addict I must admit). See the photos of my delicious breakfast below.

IMG_3427 copy.jpg

IMG_3428 copy.jpg

I hope all of you had an exciting and great week! As I already hoped on the next plane yesterday I am going to have a relaxed sunday and will spend it at the spa before the next busy week full of shootings, meetings, traveling, writing and working-out starts! I am wishing all of you a lovely sunday. And don’t forget to leave me comments or write me your thoughts about my post and blog, I would love to hear them!



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