door of the week -15-

-Nr. 15-

My favourite door of this week is the lovely number fifteen. I found this door whilst strolling through Notting Hill after a lunch-date with a friend of mine the other day. It was a lovely sunny afternoon and I discovered this great little alley with plenty of beautiful doors (one more beautiful than the other). I loved how much effort each of the residents put into making their fronts look pretty. Some of the homes had little chairs and a table or a bench next to their front doors, others had beautiful flower arrangements and tiny trees (like this one).

Number fifteen might just been simple and white but it’s simplicity goes a long so well with the expressive green brick wall. Whilst listening to someone playing the piano in one of the houses I dreamed of how nice it must be to live in this quiet little alley and how I imagine all of the neighbours being very close with each other, spending their evenings together in front of their homes, with a glass of wine.. 



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