3 things

Hey guys, I hope all of you had a nice easter break and enjoyed the time with your family and friends. Here’s my recap of last week.

1. My favourite photo

While I spend my easter holidays in Hamburg with my family (well, almost all of my family as my sister wasn’t there because she is currently in New York #jetsetter) I took this photo of the tv tower. The weather in Hamburg was very mixed during the last days. On this day it was so foggy you could almost barely see anything until the sky finally cleared up in the afternoon. 


2. Favourite day

On saturday the weather took a very different turn and we finally had some very lovely weather. I met up with my friend and we decided to walk along the Elbe (which is a river that floats through Hamburg. See our route here). We fully soaked up the sun and enjoyed 14 degrees. Since I am someone who’s ALWAYS cold I was quite happy that I could finally wear some of my favourite pieces again (white converse, ripped jeans, my marble sweater and my Calvin Klein bomber jacket). Later we made a quick stop at Kaiserwetter (which is a lovely little restaurant in the district Altona) to enjoy some of their lovely salads. Yum! 


3. Favourite food

Even though after all the easter madness I can barely talk about food (as I had WAY to much during the last days), I must damit I really enjoyed this chia-blueberry-amaranth bowl that I had the other day (and this morning again). Find the recipe below:

Step one: Mix 4 table spoons of chia seeds with some milk (I used my favourite rice coconut milk from Provamel) and put it in my fridge (over night).

Step two: Take out the now pudding like mixture and stir until there are no more chunks and until the texture is all even.

Step three: Top with all of your favourite toppings (I added blueberries, shredded coconut and puffed amaranth).

Done! ♥



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