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As you probably could tell it was very quiet on my blog last week. I was simply so busy that I did not find any time to write a blog post. I did shoot some new outfits for the blog though which will be online very soon.  I hope you guys forgive my absence and that you all had a great and productive week like I did. Let me tell you what I’ve been up to and show you some of my favourite photos.


1. Photoshootings

Last week I had 3 different shoots and finally had the chance to shoot with Kai-Hendrik Schroeder. I’m a big fan of his work and if you don’t know him yet you should definitely check him out (find his Instagram page here and his Facebook page here) ! Kai and I instantly got a long and had a fun day shooting. The shoot was very different from my usual fashion shoots (I don’t want to spoil too much yet) but you guys can look forward to seeing a different side of me. I am super excited myself and cant wait to get a look at the finished pictures. Below you can see some ‚behind the scenes‘ photos from my photo shoots and a little preview from the shoot with Kai, that he took with his iphone.

IMG_4465〈 Sometimes the photographers have to do some excise too, for example climbing 😉 〉
IMG_4471〈 follow me around on Snapchat → alicia_london 〉


IMG_4502〈 Behind the scenes of my shooting with Kai 〉
IMG_4490〈 Preview from my shoot with Kai-Hendrik Schroeder 〉


2. Favourite photo / building

The photo I like took and liked the most last week was from a facade of a house in Hamburg. I am currently in my hometown for jobs and still love to wonder around in the area my flat is in. Everyone who knows Hamburg or has visited this city know that Eppendorf is know for it’s amazing Jugendstil (art nouveau) houses. I still am fascinated by myself that I became such a big architecture and interior lover, especially because when I was younger I wasn’t interested in architecture at all.



3. Favourite food

After my shoot with Kai I met up with two of my friends (Christine and Sarah) and we went to my all-time favourite Restaurant Atelier F. Every time I go there I have to have the sweet potato fries as I am so addicted to them, I could latterly eat them every day! Since I wasn’t that hungry I also only order another side dish which is called ‚Rocket Man‘, a bundle of green asparagus with parmesan, so delicious! Of cause I had to have my favourite drink as well, a raspberry-lavender-vanilla lemonade, yum! Our plan was originally to grab a coffee to go and to go for a walk along the Alster (the Alster is a river which goes through the entire city of Hamburg and ends in the Elbe river) but unfortunately it was so cold and then sun didn’t came out (like promised by the weather forecast) so we went to another cafe to warm up with some tea. Spring can you please hurry up now? I am so sick and tired of temperatures below 10 degrees, wind and not seeing some sunshine for week. Do you guys feel the same? Or is the weather nicer where ever you currently are?


Have a great start into this new week!




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