door of the week


I found this lovely door in the street I live in in Hamburg. I still really love the fact that I am having two homes in two very different cities. I obviously LOVE my London home and could never ever move away from London but I also like the fact that I have a flat in my hometown, Hamburg again. The last time I lived in Hamburg was about 7 years ago, before I first moved to London to work there as an au-pair. I grew up in Hamburg and do know my hometown very well but living here now still feels very different to me. Since I’ve been away a lot of new stores, cafes, restaurants, bars etc. have oped and even though they may have been here for a while, they still seem totally new to me. Hamburg currently feels so new and exciting, it’s almost as if I’ve never lived here before. I absolutely LOVE the area I am living in (I always said that when I ‚grew up‘ I wanted to be able to afford a place in this area) and the fact that it’s surrounded by many lovely cafes, parks, bars and that it never takes me longer than 20 minutes to get any where I can mostly even walk to every location I want to go to. Since I official got my flat here (about 6 month ago) I’ve made a lot of lovely new friends. I obviously still have most of my old friends (and I must say they’ve been great in keeping the contact even though I’ve been away for so long). It’s funny seeing them once a week now and not having to skpye for hours any more. Back to my door.. Everyone that knows me or has been following my Instagram for the last couple of years knows that I am pretty much ‚addicted‘ to the cute front doors in London. I just can’t get enough of them. It was such a funny coincidence when I then discovered that my new street in Hamburg also has a big variety of pretty front doors. I’m hoping to show you many more of them in the future. 




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