dusty pink dress

Instead of writing a ‚3things post‘ like I would normally do on a monday, I am going to show you a new outfit that I’ve recently shot. My last week has been quite busy and I mostly had different meetings, so I thought sharing a new outfit with you would be much more exciting!

In this post I am going to show you my favourite dress which I like to wear every day and on every occasion (when I just bought it I hardly ever took it off)!


When I’m going out for dinner or to a bar with friends I like to wear my dress with a black see-through kimono, some black suede heels and rose gold jewellery. I also tied my hair up in a little ponytail , which I rarely do, but I do like to have my hair look a different sometimes and more ’styled‘ especially when going out. In summer I’m wearing this dress without tights but as it’s still way to cold outside (spring where are you?!) I’m currently wearing it with some black opaque tights from Topshop.

2_DSC9712_DSC9731 copy.JPG15

Ring & Necklace &OtherStories – find other cute rose gold jewellery →here and →here

Earrings (they were a present and are handmade) – find other rose gold earrings →here

Kimono ASOS – find a similar one →here

Tights Topshop – find them →here

High Heels ASOS – find them→here


I must admit: I am NOT a massive fan of handbags! I like to wear backpacks instead.  Mostly I wear mini backpacks, as they are just big enough to fit all of my belongings and looks so much more cute than bigger ones. This outfit I like to combine with my nude leather backpack which perfectly goes with the dusty pink colour of my dress.

To round up this look I am wearing nude nails (or sometimes I like to wear a dusty pink with another coat of glitter with it).


Backpack Topshop – find other mini backpacks →here and →here

Nailpolish Topshop – find a similar one →here

Dusty pink nailpolish &OtherStories – „Orchid Mauve“ (only available in store)

Glitter nailpolost &OtherStories – „Crown Jewel“ (only available in store)

My favourite hand lotion, Pomegranate, Argan & Grapeseed from Crabtree & Evelyn – find it →here


As this dress has a very simple cut and a nice floaty silhouette it can easily be worn during the day without looking too overdressed. Whilst wearing it casually during the day, I like to combine it with a cosy knitted sweater which I either just like to wear over my dress (I love the double round necklines as a detail so much that I hardly wear any other jewellery with it) or I wear it tied around the waist with loosely rolled up sleeves. I’m combining this look with slip-on’s as they are so comfy and the perfect shoes for spring! I normally wear my hair just straight as it is without putting it in a bun, pleating it or doing anything else to it. I also quite often get asked if I straighten my hair but I can luckily say that it is naturally that straight and I don’t have to do anything more to it than brushing it in the morning (I would probably be too lazy for every other scenario anyway). I also like to wear my nude Topshop backpack with this look (as I feel like this backpack can be worn on any occasion and with almost any look no matter if it is formal or casual, just like my dress). 


Knitted sweater Brandy Melville – find a similar one →here

Slip on’s Topshop – find them →here

Dusty pink dress Urban Outfitters

As my dress seems to be sold out I picked out a few other dresses in my favourite colours (dusty pink, rose and nude) which you can find






All photos by Oliver Schweers.

Find his work here: Website / Facebook / Instagram


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