Faux Fur Coats x Pastel Doors

It’s getting much colder outside and since temperatures are dropping I’ve decided that it’s finally time to get myself my very first FUR JACKET, yay! I don’t really know why I haven’t bought myself one before, I guess it was just not really what I liked at the time. But now everywhere I go and look I see some lovely fur coats and jackets. I am actually slightly obsessed and already made a plan which ones I’ll get next!

When I saw this fur bomber jacket on ASOS it was still 160 pounds and I was also looking at a feather coat in Topshop so I wasn’t quite sure which one to get. Don’t get me wrong, I loved both. But I thought I should not become a crazy shoppaholic (again) and start off with one jacket at a time.. 😀

 I decided to order the one from ASOS first to see if it’s how I imagine it to be and whilst doing the order it got on SALE and I managed to get it for only 70£ YAY

My fur bomber jacket is still on SALE but only left in a few sizes, get it here: Faux Fur Bomber Jacket from Urbancode

When the jacket arrived I fell in love with it straight away (so did my friends daughter and my soulmate Emily – see the photo below – she kept saying how fluffy it was). I knew I was going to keep it, not just because of it looks but also because it actually keeps me warm with colder temperatures outside (which unfortunately the feather jacket from Topshop did not do at all). 

As you all know by now I am crazy obsessed with doors and since about 2 years I post a new found door every week (find them all on my Instagram under #dooroftheweek and #doorsbyalicia). So I decided why not combine my door obsession with my new jacket?
I usually go on Sunday strolls with friends and look for new doors and this is where the photos got taken as well, in door paradise: Notting Hill

My favourite fur jackets/ coats:

Black Faux Fur Jacket from &Other Stories (next on my list!)

Multicoloured Faux Fur Bomber Jacket from ASOS

Pink Faux Fur Coat from Urban Outfitters

Dark Green Faux Fur Jacket from NA-KD

Pink Casual Faux Fur Coat from Topshop

All photos by Max Melvin

234A3363-1.JPG 234A3383-1.JPG234A3520-1.JPG234A3529-1.JPG234A3734-1.JPG234A3779-1.JPG234A3793-1.JPG234A3826-1.JPG234A3764-1.JPG234A3766-1.JPG



Trousers: Topshop / Bag: Topshop / Jewellery: &Other Stories / Shoes: a present, don’t know the brand / Jacket: ASOS


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