Baby it’s getting cold outside!

December is nearly here and it’s time to wear winter coats, scarfs, boots and some cosy knitwear. If you’ve seen my Instastories/Snapchat you already know that I was on the hunt for a new Winter coat yesterday, luckily it’s still warm enough to keep it in the closet (I just wanted to make sure to already have all my winter must haves before the cold actually arrives). But it’s this time of the year where I’ll start to wear some more cosy clothes such as wool jumpers, knitted dresses and cotton rollneck tops. 

This year I feel like knitwear comes in much more different variations than just the normal cable knit jumper, poncho or some sparkly Christmas jumper. 

I’ve picked out my favourite styles and found some cosy jumpers for you!

Rollneck jumpers

Yes I am a crazy big fan of rollneck jumpers! Literally everything I currently wear has a roll neck, no matter if it’s a body, a jumper, a dress or a croptop! I especially love the cosy winter variation of it, a rollneck knitted jumper. My favourites come in different variations such as cable knit, some with ribbed trimmings and in all kind of colours such as white, mid grey and blush. One thing they all do have in common: they are all very chunky and super warm! 

Blush rollneck jumper

♥ White/grey rollneck jumper ♥

Mid grey rollneck jumper

Frill jumpers

I am usually not the biggest fan of frills/ruffles, especially combined with flowers or colours such as bright pink, coral or purple, I just find them too ‚girly‘. I recently started liking frills on jumpers and combined with knitwear they became one of my favourite Winter trends. Especially when choosing a colour that is not very ‚girly‘ such as grey, cream, dusty pink or black I slowly began really liking the ‚frill-trend‘ and I am even thinking of maybe getting a frill blouse for my Christmas outfit or a frill dress for NYE..

Dark grey frill jumper

♥ Cream rose frill jumper  ♥

light grey frill jumper 

Rollneck tunic dresses

As perviously mentioned I am a litte obsessed with rollnecks lately.. So when I received a black rollneck tunic dress for my birthday in October, I couldn’t stop taking it off (find the dress here). I just love the cosy and comfy fit. My perfect tunic dress has a tight rollneck and tight sleeves and becomes more loose at the bottom. I also love when it as a split hem or some detailing like ribbed panels. My favourite version of the tunic dresses come in cashmere. I mean who couldn’t resist this lovely soft texture? 

Black rollneck tunic dress

♥ Taupe rollneck tunic dress  ♥

Dark brown rollneck tunic dress


The jewellery I was wearing on the photos is from &Other Stories  and you can find some similar and cute jewellery boxes here here and here and some rosegold candle holders here and here

All photos my lovely Maria Kotyslevskaja, check out her website, Instagram and Facebook page to find more of her lovely works.


love, Alicia


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