Camel coat

Finally a new blogpost! I know I’ve been slightly absent here for a while but that’s going to change again! I’ve already prepared some new post about recent shoots I had, some new doors I’ve found, recipes I’ve created and some new outfit posts. Let’s start with the last one: a new outfit!

Some of you might have seen this coat already on my Instragram and Facebook (or in real life) and know that this coast is actually not ’new‘. I received this lovely coat exactly a year ago as a birthday presents (obviously picked it myself) and loved it ever since. The material is thick enough to wear it in Autumn (unfortunately too thick for hot Summer days) so there is only this one short season were I get to wear this beauty. Hopefully this winter won’t be too cold and I get to wear my favourite coat a little longer. On colder days I like to wear a neutral coloured cardigan underneath (either black or grey) to keep myself warm.

I combined my camel coat with some black studded leather boots, a skinny jeans, a black ribbed roll neck sweater (roll necks are my FAVOURITE thing to wear at the moment plus I love everything ribbed!), my favourite scarf and a leather bagpack. As you already know I’m a huge fan of backpacks and I specially love very minimal ones, so when I saw this one at Urban Outfitters I instantly had to get it!


Do you like my Autumn outfit? ♥

Coat: ASOS – find other Camel Coats without sleeves here or here and some with sleeves here + here 

Scarf: American Apparel – find it here

Top: ASOS – find a similar one here

Jeans: Topshop – find them here

Boots: a present (I have unfortunately no idea where they’re from) – find similar ones here

Backpack: Urban Outfitters – find some lovely faux-leather backpacks here and here 

All photography by lovely Maria Kotylevskaja 

Find her works on her

website, Instagram or on her Facebook page



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