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Here comes another weekly update, you might wonder why I m posting this on a Tuesday instead on the usual Monday but I must admit that I got a little confused with the days. Whilst meeting a friend for lunch today I asked her what she did yesterday on Sunday, when she looked at me slightly confused and said ‚Alicia you do realise it’s Tuesday already, don’t you?‘ So sorry about that guys, time is flying by so quickly lately, that I must admit to getting slightly confused with the days sometimes..

1. Favourite Day – Thursday

My favourite day last week was definitely Thursday, when the weather FINALLY turned nice again. So far this summer has not been good to me (weatherwise). No matter where I went (London or Hamburg) the weather was not very summer like and we’ve only got a few days of sunshine where the temperatures actually went above 25 degrees.. So when I had the day off on Thursday and realised the weather was going to be super nice I called up my friend and said ‚let’s go to the beach!‘ We packed up all of our beach must have’s and spend a great day with 30+ degrees on the beach which made me feel totally relaxed and refreshed afterwards. Currently the weather is not very nice again with thunderstorms and rain in-between some sunny days, but I am keeping my fingers crossed that (the real) summer is coming soon. 


2. Favourite Photo

My favourite photo that I’ve posted last week was definitely the one of my little best friend Emily. Emily is the daughter of friends of mine and she is the cutest (almost) 2 year old I know. When I babysitter her the other day I dressed her up in some white dotted tights, a dress (which is grey with white dots on the top half and has a cream coloured tutu on the bottom half) and a mauve coloured knitted cardigan. So sweet! I feel like I should become a kids stylist now! 😀



You guys need to know that I usually NEVER take part in competitions. I just think the is usually no chance to win. But when Caroline Nehring one of my favourite bloggers started a competition in cooperation with NALEDI Copenhagen to win one of their bags I definitely had to take part. And I won! I still couldn’t believe that I really had finally won something, but when my door bell rang this morning and the delivery guy gave me a parcel from Copenhagen I realised that I was indeed the lucky one. I am so in love with their bucket bag and I can’t wait to wear this amazing bag and to shoot many outfits with it (thanks again to Caroline and Natalka & Mary from Naledi CPH). If you go on my snapchat now (→ alicia_london) you can see me doing a little unboxing. You can get my beautiful Claire bag here and should definitely check out Carolines blog too as she shares the same grey addiction with me and a love for french bulldogs, check out her (and her husbands blog) here 

IMG_6436(photo credit Caroline Nehring)

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