Valentines Day

„What are you doing on February 14th?“ is a pretty standard question coming up to this date when you live in London.

Incase you are a ’supporter‘ of Valentines Day and a hopeless romantic stop reading now cause I am about to burst your bubble. I must admit it, I hate Valentines day. And that’s not because I am single. I have always hated Valentines day no matter if I was in a relationship or not. Why, do you a ask yourself? Let me explain:

First of all I always really disliked the colour (neon) pink and the meaning behind it. Why does pink always have to  be associated  with girls/ women? I really don’t like all the stereotypical gender notions which already start at our birth, little boys get dressed in blue and girls in pink. I am a woman and I love shades such as grey, black and white and I think boys should be as well allowed to like a colour, such as pink, without being criticised for it.

Anyway, back to the topic. Point nr 2. Valentines day was really just invented for all the card shops, flower stores, lingerie shops and confectionary stores. Most of the people who live in Germany don’t get much of the Valentines day hype. You might see some ’special occasions‘ flowers in the florist but that’s it. Living in London made avoiding this day slightly more complicated. There is pink EVERYWHERE. Every window of every shop has hearts on it, the supermarkets have little stands to promote their chocolate, it’s all over the restaurants and cafes. At my uni we couldn’t even enjoy our lunch in peace and quiet because there were heart shaped garlands, balloons and even the napkins had pink or read coloured hearts on them, oh and there was OF CAUSE a special ‚Valentines Day menue‘ on.

As you can imagine I was pretty annoyed, but that’s not just because I dislike the colour pink and the fact that they day was only invented to make money out of it. I mean, if you love someone aren’t you supposed to express you love for that person all year around? And buy flowers when ever you feel like? I wouldn’t really want to get red roses on Valentines day just because my boyfriend feels like he HAS to buy me some (and also because I don’t like roses).

So spending this Valentines day not in London for one of the first times in years is quite refreshing. So far no one has asked me of my plans yet and I must admit I haven’t seen anything that promotes this day.

I think everyone should spend that day how they want. If you have a partner, be nice to each other, like you always are. If you’re single, why don’t you treat yourself? Maybe with some nice new lingerie that makes you feel sexy and good about yourself? Or treat your best friend, with some sweet socks (I have slight obsession with socks going on lately). Or why don’t you spend this day with your mum? And buy her some flowers? I think all of those options are a million times better than getting a special Valentines dinner on and buying flowers or presents because you think that is what you have to do just because it’s Valentines day..

I will spend my Valentines day working (I’m off to a shoot now) and I spoiled myself with some cute socks and new body’s (see them on my Valentine themed shoot below)!

Find all my favourite socks here:

·fishnet socks

·see-through heart socks

·sporty heart socks

·seethrough socks

·glitter socks

Find all my favourite lingerie set’s here:

·love bra & love string

·floral soft bra & floral panties

·red velvet bra & velvet hotpans

·red lace bra & red lace string

·floral lace soft bra & floral lace briefs

Find all my favourite body’s here:

·black see-through body

·off-shoulder body

·black strappy body

·CK lace body

·red velvet body

Love, A.

Photos by the lovely Maria Kotylevskaja find her works her: Website / Instagram / Facebook 



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