Alicia x Kai-Hendrik Schroeder pt. 2

In my first blogpost about my shoot with Kai-Hendrik Schroeder I’ve already told you about the shoot and how the experience of having my first homeshoot was for me. This time I want to tell you a little more about the publications and prints that came out after our shoot and especially about Kai’s ‚baby‘, his book, ‚CANDYLAND‘ (find some background info’s to the book here and here)


During our shoot Kai told me that he was currently working on his first book CANDYLAND (which was at this point almost completely planned and ready for print) but our set turned out so well, that I eventually ended up in it! At this point (when I wrote part 1 of this blog post and already thought what I was going to write in pt. 2) I was going to say ‚Unfortunaltey (or fortunately for Kai) it has already sold out by now but I’ll definitely take some photos of my copy and link them here soon.‘ But guess what guys: THERE WILL BE ANOTHER LIMITED EDITION OF CANDYLAND BOOKS, READY FOR SELL ON THE 1.12.2016! SO ONLY THREE DAYS LEFT (if you’re impatient like me you can already preorder the book, just follow my link)! So be smart (and quick) and get yourself a copy NOW before it’s going to be sold out again (speaking from expereince Candyland was sold out in under 3 month when it first came out) .. read more about Candyland’s second edition (and all the hard work and trouble behind it) on Kai’s blog.

Rebel & Co

Rebel & Co is a London based (print and online) magazine and featured some of our photos in their October issue! Another reason for me to be excited, I (obivously) love to see my photos printed in magazines and books. It’s just such a different feeling looking at a photo nicely printed in a book/magazine compared to looking at it on your phone/laptop screen. Don’t you agree? I guess I also still belong to the generation that prefers reading an actual book rather than any e-books. I could never ever read a book off an ipad. It just feels wrong to me and does not give me the feeling I want to have whilst reading.

Back to Kai’s and my shoot! We did not just have an awesome time shooting but I personally think we also produced some very beautiful photos. Find some more photos (as well as unreleased images) below! ↓ And make sure to follow this talented guy on social media (here are the links to Kai’s website, Instagram and his Facebook page) to never miss any news on the second edition of CANDYLAND.
love, A.