Alicia X Kai-Hendrik Schroeder

In March this year Kai-Hendrik Schroeder and I met for dinner and talked about a potential shoot. Just the fact that he wanted to meet before the shoot and invited me to eat some burgers already made me like him before we’ve even met. I just thought this was a very lovely way to talk and get to know each other before having such an intimate shoot. So this was it. My first homeshoot. Let me just quickly  explain what a ‚homeshoot‘ is, to everyone who’s not yet familiar with all of the, let me call them, ‚Instagram photographers‘. A homeshoot is basically when a girl gets photographed in a home (yes very obvious!) mostly in underwear (or just wearing a body, only a T-shirt etc, definitely not many clothes, you get my point) nothing is very posed and the setting seems quite ’natural‘. It’s meant to look like the model was really just at home chilling out and someone was there taking photos of her while she just goes on with her day. Anyway, so this is the concept. No hair and make-up artist, no stylist, no studio lights. Just me, the photographer, natural light and an airbnb flat. Sounds easy, right?

This was pretty much new territory for me. My let me call it ‚previous model career‘ was very different to this. In London I only had paid shoots, proper jobs for fashion designers, magazines, photographers or stylist. I shot lookbook campaigns, fashion editorials, filmed for Selfridges and mostly wore designer clothes, jewellery and shoes. I got my hair, make up and nails done by hair & make up artist and was dressed by stylist. So all of this was very new to me. I did indeed had to get used to all of the photographers who had a huge following on Instagram, were well known in this scene and that most of the time shoots with them were probably the exact opposite from what I had done before.

Back to my shoot with Kai. Was I nervous to have my very first homeshoot? Yes, I was. But as soon as Kai picked me up from the tube station to walk to the location it all went away. Everyone who has met Kai in person must probably admit that he is a very likeable guy. We got on straight away. I probably never ever laughed as much at a shoot than I did with him. I couldn’t have a better experience for my first homeshoot I guess. 


Read more about my shoot with Kai, his book Candyland and our publication in Rebel & Co Magazine in my next post. And make sure you’ll check out his amazing work on his website / Facebook page and his Instagram account.

→ Now getting to the more important stuff, find the photos of our shoot (as well as some unpublished photos) below! ♥

love, A.



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