3 things

Another monday, another update! As you could see (or not see last week) it’s been a bit quite on the blog and I’ve missed a weekly update last week! Sorry about that guys I will try  to post more regular and to shoot more looks, food pics and write more recipes down for you very soon, promise! 

1. Door of the week (nr. 3)

My door of the week has been this pretty white one. I love that it has all these little details (white dots on top of it as well as square windows) and that it has these perfectly shaped bushes in matt black pots matching with it matt black stairs. This door is the perfect find for monochrome lovers like me! ♥


2. Shopping 

This week I had a little look into &Other Stories and instantly fell in love with their new spring/ summer collection. Their colour palette is exactly  what I like to wear (it goes from cream, over beige to off white and powder pink). Not just do I love the colours of their latest collation I also love their floaty fabrics and that they’ve included current trends such as off shoulder tops and lace-up sandals! My favourite piece were those super cute, beige, pointy lace up sandals, I definitely have to get them asap!


3. Snapchat filter

I do have to admit that I am slightly addicted to snapchat. My all-time favourite filter is the one with the dog ears and nose and I can’t stop taking photos or videos with it. Below you can see some a photo I took with the filter last week. Find me on Snapchat under  → alicia_london ←


I hope all of you had a great week and a nice weekend and I am wishing you a lovely start into this new week! Let’s hope the the weather will get better during this week as I really can’t stand this April weather anymore.




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