3 things

It’s monday again and weirdly enough it doesn’t feels like it. Usually – after the weekend – I am not the most motivated person and hate getting out of bed on mondays. But today is different, I am not sure why. Anyway starting this day with a very happy and positive attitude and wishing you all a great start into this new week. Let’s recap what happened last week, telling you about my favourite moments and showing you my favourite photos. 

1. Favourite job

Since I started working as a model I also been in a few short films. So far they have all been about fashion. I like doing films / starring in videos as it’s very different from modelling. It’s also usually a lot of fun working on set with a bunch of different people and the best about films is the catering (!) Every time I was on set of a production there has been the most delicious food around (this time I had the most AMAZING milkshake). → Follow me on snapchat alicia_london to see more ‚behind the scenes‘ stuff. So last week I took part in playing in a short film which was quite a new experience. Most of the films I’ve done before did not require so much acting as they were mainly about movements etc.  This time it was different as it had nothing to do with fashion and did require a lot of acting, which was a whole new experience. We all had a lot of fun shooting and I am actually thinking about taking acting classes now to work on my facial expressions and different emotions.  The genre of the film was also very different from everything I’ve done so far. We shot a horror / thriller and I can’t wait to show it to you guys when it’s done. Below you can see a still from the movie and some behind the scenes photos.



2. Favourite door

My door of the week was this beautiful white door (Nr. 11). I really like the contrast between the white wood and the purple brick wall and that they have the perfect matching flowers to it. I also love the fact that the entire front looks very pretty an neat and they then have those rather rough looking bins next to it. I found this pretty door (and facade) in Notting Hill when I started to wonder off the famous Portobello Road as I wanted to discover some new cafes and restaurants.


3. Favourite photo

My favourite photo last week was the photo I took of some flowers in front of Liberty. I just love their little flower shop you can get the most exotic flowers there. Having fresh flowers in the house always cheers me up especially when the weather is grey and depressing like it is lately. I am really hoping for some more sunshine this week!





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