3 things

It’s monday again, time for another 3 things post! Starting right away with my favourite door. 

 1. My door of the week 

I found the pretty Nr. 54  in Notting Hill on the famous Portobello Road. There is probably no other road in London which has that many beautiful doors lined up next to each other in just one single street. I especially love the contrast between the pastel pink door and the teal green wall next to it, the colours go together perfectly. ♥



2. Favourite Food 

On wednesday my lovely friend Christine and I met up to enjoy the sunshine (which unfortunately only came out ONCE last week). We spend the day strolling through the city and trying on some things at &Other Stories (I fell in LOVE with a long summer dress but I am still hesitating to buy it, as right now summer feels so far away). After some coffee and looking through more shops we decide to have lunch at my FAVOURITE RESTAURANT in Hamburg, Atelier F. If you live in Hamburg or are ever there for a visit, you should totally go there! I do really love their interior design and one of the main reasons why I am head over heels in love with this place is that they have some very delicious SWEET POTATO FRIES and they also serve TRUFFLE FRIES, yum! This time I had some sweet potato fries (of cause!), a burger with sour cream, crisps and braised beef and a lemon-rosmary lemonade. Delicious! Unfortunately I didn’t take a very good photo of my food, but I will next time, promise! See the photos I took on that day of the city below. 


3. Favourite photo

I took this photo of the TV tower in Hamburg whilst driving home on the bus. I just like the feeling of it and how it does really express the current weather situation and that everything feels a little dark and moody in Hamburg lately.


I hope all of you had a great start into this new week, happy monday! 




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