3 things

Time is passing by so quickly, I can’t believe it’s monday again and I am writing another ‚3 things‘ post. Last week has been very exciting as I was patiently waiting for my friends baby to arrive..


1. Favourite moment

One of my best friends was due to give birth on the 9th of February and we’ve all been waiting and waiting.. cause the little guy never came on his due date! Seemed like he wanted to enjoy a little more time inside her belly, he probably already knew how freezing cold it was out here.. Finally on friday night, when I was out, I got tex and she me told that they were finally at the hospital and already in labour. I thought it would go fast from there (finally as we’ve been waiting for the little one for so long) but I was wrong, very wrong. Her family and I kept awake all night but the little one was still not ready to get out, maybe he was too tired from being up all night, who knows. 🙂 Finally on 11:46 we got the text we were all waiting for, my friend gave birth to a healthy little baby boy! Even though I was crazy tired (as I was up all night) I got overwhelmed with this feeling of joy and happiness. I can’t even imagine how she must have felt in that moment and I’m so proud of her that she managed to stay strong and go through such a long labour. Obviously – as impatient as I am – I couldn’t wait any longer and went to see them at the hospital the same day. I’m so excited that he’s finally here and I was able to meet him already, he is definitely one of the cutest (and most beautiful) baby’s I’ve ever seen. I can’t wait for my friend to finally come home with her little family and to see them as many times as possible (she’s going to be released tomorrow) before I’m off for shoots and leaving Hamburg again.

2. Favourite photo (s)

I took this photo last week right in front of my apartment in Hamburg. As quite a few of you got confused where I’m based now, let me explain. I am now based in London and Hamburg! I have a very pretty room (and own bathroom) at my friends house and my own flat in Hamburg (since all the nightmare flatmates I had in London over the past years, I definitely wanted to have my OWN place too). Also funny enough, the area I live in in Hamburg has some very pretty houses AND doors, so I’m probably going to start a new ‚doors of my street‘ series soon. Now I can have one for my London home and one for Hamburg, yay!


The second picture I took on saturday after meeting a friend for lunch in the area ‚Sternschanze‘. It’s the Tv tower from Hamburg, which is kinda like the BT tower of London, but for Hamburg. Just by looking at this one image, I think you can clearly tell how cold it is here. I do really hope that the temperature will go up again during this new week and that we’ll get a little more sunshine. 


3. Favourite food

On tuesday I met up with my lovely friend Leni in-between lunch breaks and we went to one of my favourite Restaurants/ Cafes in Hamburg, Paledo. We both enjoyed a very delicious quinoa risotto, a quinotto (as I’ve learned) with coconut, kale and sweet potato and had a cucumber-detox-water.  Yum! I really love Paledo, as the have delicious acai and fruit bowls for breakfast (and homemade granola!) and the lunch menu changes daily. I also do like the fact that all of the dishes are sugar-, gluten- and lactose free and all of their ingredients come from local traders. If you’re ever in Hamburg, pay them a visit, it’s definitely worth it if you like ‚clean‘ and ‚healthy‘ food. 



I am wishing you all a good start into this new week and a happy monday!


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