My wish list – picks of the week

Shopping, no matter if in store or online has always been one of my favourite activities. Especially while I studied fashion design and had to follow trends, fashion weeks and had to get inspiration for my collections, there was no other way than strolling though my favourite stores daily. But even now after my study, I do like shopping a lot. I just love finding new outfits, unique jewellery pieces or furniture for my new flat.

My wish list at my favourite stores are endlessly long but they’re going to be less full soon, as I am planning to add quite a few pieces to my closet. This month I finally found the perfect couch for my flat (there will be an interior post as soon as it’s all done). That’s why I had to lay a little low on shopping, but I’m quite excited to finally get some of my favourite picks next month, when my bank account is full and my shopping baskets even fuller. 

Today I am going to show you my favourite items from Urban Outfitters and soon you’ll be able to find my recent picks from all of my favourite stores under the new category ‚My picks

Here are my favourite picks



LAMP – Since I am still in the process to collect pieces of furniture and decorations for my new flat, I spend quite a bit of time online browsing  and madly feel in love with this rose gold lamp, which would fit perfectly in my living room. The only ‚colours‘ furniture or walls have in my flat are white, black, grey and rose gold. I am very picky (when it comes to my home) and try not to buy any Ikea products anymore, so it does take a while to fully furnish everything. I rather wait a little and only get things I am REALLY in love with, than having something in my place that I don’t like and might just bought because it was ‚okay‘ and cheap. Find the pendant lamp HERE 

LINGERIE – I already told you that dusty pink, nude and rose shades are my current favourite colour for a while so I instantly liked this lace lingerie set. I used to not wear any lace bras, I don’t really know why, I think I just preferred push-ups for the hold. I bought my first soft bra in November and keep constantly adding new ones to my closet. Not just do I love that they look very delicate but they are also just crazy comfy (girls you know what I am talking about!)  Get the bralette HERE and the knickers HERE

BACKPACK – I mostly wear backpacks instead of handbags and I instantly loved this one because of it’s fringes! When I first saw it, I thought it would perfectly match my ASOS suede fringe boots. I just love backpacks (especially mini ones) as they are pretty handy and cute. Find the backpack HERE

BODY – Last but not least I really like this dark grey body. I wear quite a few bodies lately and I am a big fan of everything that is ribbed, no matter if it’s sweaters, dresses, tops or in this case, a body. Get the ribbed bodysuit HERE  (hurry it’s on SALE now!)

I hope all of you had a nice and exciting weekend (mine was VERY exciting, more about that will be on the blog tomorrow) and have a lovely relaxed sunday.



Photo credits: Urban Outfitters


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