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A new week has started so it’s time again for my weekly review! Even though it’s only monday and and the day just has just started, I kinda feel not as motivated to start this new week as I usually do. Everybody hates monday that’s for sure but this grey and dull weather makes me sleepy and wanting to go straight back to bed. Do you guys feel the same? I guess it’s just the yearly ‚winter blues‘ and that my motivation will hopefully come back at some point this week. Anyway, let’s start this weekly review! 

1. My favourite photo

I took this photo in Hamburg, when there was finally some sunshine and I had some time to meet up with my friend Christine for a quick coffee and a walk through the area I live in (when I’m in Hamburg). It was lovely to enjoy some sun on my skin as I haven’t seen much of it lately. No matter where I’ve been (England / Germany) it’s just grey and dull every where. So at least we were able so soak up some sun and enjoy a little bit of fresh air in between work breaks.


2. Interior Inspiration

Since I am a little shopaholic I couldn’t stop myself from paying &Other Stories another visit. Also I must say I do love their excellent costumer service. I was able to return some earrings I brought last year (in October) which broke straight away after and I thought I wasn’t able to exchange them since I’ve lost the receipt and the 28 day exchange period was already over. When I’ve went into the store 2 weeks ago (looking for the matching ring to these earrings) I talked to the store manager and she asked me to come back with the broken ones and exchanged them! She said that &Other Stories should stand for jewellery that lasts and if that’s not the case they are happy to take back any broken items and happily replace them with new ones. I do really like that &Other Stories deals with situations like this exactly how they did as I know that other stores would probably have said that the 28 day return period is over and they won’t exchange the items. So thank you (again) &Other Stories for being such a great store (and my FAVOURITE)! Anyway, back to what I was going to write about in the first place! As I made very clear with my previous posts I am IN LOVE with &Other Stories interior design. It keeps inspiring me for my own home every time I walk in their stores. This time I really loved how they just placed a vase with fresh plants on a stool. So simple and easy but yet very beautiful.


3. Door of the week

My favourite door of last week was this black door with some hints of gold. I do also love the iconic check pattern & the classic black metal fence. I found this pretty door in Mayfair quite a while ago, when I was still studying and had to walk between university campuses. 


I hope all of you had a lovely week and a great weekend! I spend most of my weekend decoration and furnishing my flat can’t wait for it to be finally done. Happy monday and have a great start into the new week everyone!




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