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During my last post about &Other Stories you guys could probably easily tell that I’m a huge fan of &Other Stories and very much in love with all of their products.

I recently went shopping and managed to not buy half of their store (I was actually very good and only bought a few items) and also got some more nail polish (as a present) to add to my collection.


I already told you in my previous post (read it here) that my favourite scent from &Other stories beauty range is Punk Bouquet. I couldn’t resist and bought this cute little Body Mist which is perfect as the smell is not too strong and you can easily carry it around in your hand bag.


I recently received these two colours from my sister as a present and I’m absolutely in love with them (I will post a picture soon of how they look when worn). I very much like them by themselves (especially because I keep adding dusty pink/mauve coloured items of clothing to my closet lately). But when worn together their colour is even more stunning (I use two layers of the dusty pink and then apply the glitter as a top coat after the base has fully dried). The polish from the top image is called Orchid Mauve and the one below Crown Jewel.


Another thing that most of you probably already know is that I am a big fan of marble. So when I discovered this necklace and bracelet I totally had to get it! They are also both in a rosegold/gold colour which I like cause it’s not just the standard gold or rose gold, something different for a change. I also own the matching earrings, but don’t have them at my London home -where I took the photos- (they’re in my little jewellery box in my flat in Germany). Note: I’ve added all the links if you feel like getting these items, too. Whilst writing this post I’ve just discovered that &Other Stories now stocks a matching ring which I will get next time I’m there! 

Photo credit: Max Melvin



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