3 things

It’s sunday, again. Which means it’s time for my little weekly review (3 things).

This week has been very grey and cold in Hamburg. Typical ‚January weather‘, I would say. Which also leads me to ‚things 1‘, my favourite photos I’ve took (and posted on Instagram) this week.

1. Favourite Instagram Photos

The first photo I took near Hamburg’s harbour when visiting my friend, who lives right next to the harbour and enjoys an amazing view from her balcony. For everyone who does not know Hamburg very well, this photo perfectly describes my hometown. Harbour, clouds, grey sky and cranes, as the ‚Hamburger‘ (the locals that live in Hamburg) would probably say: „typisch Hamburch!“ (which means typical Hamburg).

The second photo I took on friday morning, of the tv tower, when it was still very foggy and quite cold in Hamburg. I captured the tv tower from the S-Bahn platform at Sternschanze (a district in Hamburg). 

Both pictures express exactly how this city feels at the moment which brings me to my second ‚thing‘.



2. Travel-plans

I NEED to get away! It’s grey, it’s cold, it sometimes snows a little and it barely gets light outside these days. I feel non-productive or motivated to work or even to do things and this weather just makes me want to stay in bed and watch movies all day. Do you get like this during winter too? I’ve been looking through old pictures and found one of me during our holidays in Barcelona (read my travel diary, part one and two here and here) which instantly made me miss the hot sun on my skin, the sound of the waves and the feeling of the sand under my toes.. I miss being up all night and not wanting to go to bed because there was just so much to see and to do. Since I’ve got this feeling for a while now I just want to book a trip and go somewhere, somewhere new. Somewhere where I’ve never been before and most importantly: somewhere hot. Do you guys have any travel suggestions, places that you’ve been to and that just made you feel home, while being away from home? I’m curious to hear your ideas and thoughts!



3. Friends

Whilst being in Hamburg I spend this week seeing all my close friends and just had a very great time with them. From countless IKEA visits, long chats over tea, baby showers, visiting the spa, watching Netflex documentaries, drinking way too much wine, fun cab rides and sunday-breakfast-dates I just loved spending time with each one of them and I just want to take a moment, to say thank you for the good times guys, I love all of you very much.




I hope all of you had a lovely week and even better weekend!





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