Two weeks ago I went to Berlin to finally shoot with BORKEBERLIN. We’ve got in touch through Instagram and I was always a fan of his photos. He’s incredibly good in taking photos of Berlin and catching all it’s rawness and beauty.
I especially love all of his images of Berlin at night as he captures the ligth beautifully. I also really adore all of his rooftop photos. But we decided do to something different. Before even ever meeting him in person we both talked about the shoot and how we imagined the images to look. We straight away had the same vision and smiliar ideas which was great. 

As mentioned in my Barbara Munsel post earlier, I usually -or at least until two weeks ago- don’t do lingerie shoots. I probably did not feel as comfortable before in ‚undressing‘ infront of a stranger or did not feel as confident in presenting myself half naked. But this oppinion has changed. Since I turned 25 two month ago, I feel like I might have grown a little more or changed some of my views due to experience and events I’ve been through lately. Which is great, as I love to see my charackter changing and to become a better version of who I already am. Anyway, back to our shoot!

We met for breakfast to discuss some little details and already got along very well (which I think is pretty important, to get along and like a photographer who’s just about to shoot you without most of your clothes on). We shoot in a hotel room of the AMANO group, in Berlin Mitte. The shoot was quite quick or quicker than I’d expected it (my normal fashion shoots take ages, as mostly make up and hair already needs an hour to get me ready, plus changing into many different outfits etc). Well the outfit change was not really a concern here, since I wansn’t wearing more than some lingerie.

Looking back I am really happy with the results and I think having BORKE BERLIN as the first photographer -who I had my first real lingerie shoot with- was the right choice. We had a very funny and good shooting day and he worked very proffesional, I didn’t even felt like I wasn’t wearing any clothes.

Here are the first images of the shoot and I would love to hear what you think about it (in the comments below or write me a message on FB / Instagram).

P.S. NO I DO NOT SMOKE AGAIN! I did get asked quite a lot -since the images came out- if I started smoking (again). The answer is NO. I am still a very happy non-smoker!


Borkeberlin Photography - IMG_0118Borkeberlin Photography - IMG_0177Borkeberlin Photography - IMG_0583Borkeberlin Photography - IMG_0217Borkeberlin Photography - IMG_0187Borkeberlin Photography - IMG_0250Borkeberlin Photography - IMG_0273Borkeberlin Photography - IMG_0558Borkeberlin Photography - IMG_0562

more photos will follow soon.. to be continued..

Photographer: BORKEBERLIN find his website here and his Instagram page here 

Model: Alicia Glinicki (me)

Location: Amano, Berlin Mitte


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