Alicia x Mitch Stöhring

As most of you probably already know I work as a model since (roughly) 1,5 years now. I love modelling and met so many interesting and lovely people though this job (from photographers, to stylist, hair & make up artist, assistants, other models). I am glad to say that I can call some of them […]

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Yes, I am really writing about this topic TODAY too, like all the other fashion bloggers! But it’s not like you think it is.. I must say that I am not getting AT ALL all of the fuss about this collaboration. First of all I am and I was never a big H&M fan. I […]

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Everyone that knows me privately or from Instragram already knows that I have a weird addiction, I love taking photos of doors. Let’s start from the beginning. I always loved the pretty facades, front yards & doors that especially people who live in London have. When I moved to Finsbury Park -exactly a year ago- […]

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autumn outfit

The weather in London today was beautiful and we had a very sunny day, a golden summer like they say. I really love when it’s autumn and still warm enough to only go out with a big jumper or cardigan, and there is no need to wear a scarf, beanie or bigger jacket yet. This […]

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It’s Halloween! And there is probably no better place to celebrate it and to watch all the crazy drunk & dressed up people in their costumes (except America) than London! I went out for a nice dinner and drinks with my friends in SOHO tonight and the way home (and especially the tube ride) couldn’t […]

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My very first blog post

So this is it. FINALLY. After YEARS of wanting to write a blog, saying that I would do it and even probably writing it in my head I am finally writing my very first blog post! The writing itself was never the problem. The problem was the time. Or let’s better say, that there was […]

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