Barcelona Travel Diary Pt. 1

Especially on those grey and rainy November days I like to think back of our holiday in Barcelona. If I could, I would go back right now! My boyfriend and I went on a spontaneous holiday (spontaneous trips are the best anyway) over my birthday in October. As my friends would know, it kinda became a tradition for me, to not only celebrate the day of my actual birthday but to have an entire BIRTHDAY WEEKEND. Since I celebrated the last 3 years in London and the one before in Berlin I though I should celebrate somewhere else this time, somewhere warm. I’ve never been to Barcelona and always wanted to go, so we decided that this would be our destination. 

I just started my new job as an editor a month before our holiday and since living in London can be quite stressful at times I just wanted to get out and far away from people, noises and chaos. I found the PERFECT accommodation via airbnb (photos from our little house, pool and the area we stayed in will follow soon) which was located in CANYELLES, CALIFORNIA , near Barcelona. I definitely wanted to make sure that we don’t stay IN Barcelona as it’s quite ‚hectic‘ and there is so much going on (what I usually love but not for this holiday). I still wanted to be close by, so we could drive there with our car whenever we wanted to. We booked our little cottage right up in the hills, surrounded by woodland. 

More about our lovely little cottage soon.

Since I really wanted to keep this vacation private, relaxed and very quiet to get away from all the big cities and people, we always tried to find locations where there was really no one else. After we searched on Google and driving around a bit we found the perfect beach! The beach had a promenade, surrounded by palm trees. We choose to walk into the opposite direction, away from the streets and houses. We found a lovely little spot with lots of green behind us and the ocean had little bays, separated from each other, so we had one just for ourselves! We spend the entire day at the beach and while being there we might saw a total of 3 people. Mission accomplished! 

Find a map of the beach here.

As David likes to take photos (check out his pics here) and I work as a model, we decided that a beach shooting should be essential (and that he obviously could use it for his portfolio and I for my travel diary on my blog). The ’shoot‘ was quite fun even though not very easy, as the wind kept blowing my hair into my face and  the hat off my head, but I don’t want to complain, as I was lucky enough to call the beach my ‚work space‘ for a day. You can two little ‚behind the scenes‘ images (on the bottom of this page) and the results of the ’shoot‘ below.

More about our holiday + photos + videos will follow SOON.

IMG_9305 copy








Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 17.29.51


Photos: David Liberté / Model: Alicia Glinicki (me) / Bikini: ASOS / Maxi Cardigan: Urban Outfitters / Hat: Topshop / Sunglasses: NYX London

*At the time my friends brand was called NYX London which then had a rebranding and is now For Arts Sake ⇒ find their new website here


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